Lirik Lagu "Martina McBride" This One's For The Girls

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Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu yang berjudul This One’s For The Girls dari Martina McBride.

This is for all you girls about 13,

High school can be so rough can be so mean,

Hold on to on to your innoscence,

Stand your ground when everybody’s givin’ in.

This one’s for the girls

This is for all you girls about 25,

In little apartments just tryin’ to get by,

livin’ on on dreams and spaghetti-o’s,

wonderin’ where your life is gonna go.


This one’s for the girls,

Who’ve ever had a broken heart,

Who’ve wished upon a shotting star,

Your beautiful the way you are,

This one’s for the girls,

Who love without holdin’ back,

Who dream with everything they have,

All around the world,

This one’s for the girls.

This is for all you girls about 42,

tossin’ pennis’ into the fountain of youth,

every life life line on your face,

made you who you are today.


Yeah we’re all the same inside,

from 1 to 99


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