Lirik Lagu "John Mayer" Distance

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Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu yang berjudul Distance dari John Mayer.

Distance is the reason she and me don’t really talk no more
Trippin on my ticket information on the freezer door
We are not sorry I got what came coming for me
It’s only everything I wanted, all I want.

Love was made to get us to stay in quite a closer region
I wish my love could stay around a little more.

Distance, Distance, Distance
It’s what it is, what it is now, now, now

Distance makes a woman want to hear I love you more than once.
If I could could find a word that feels more than I can feel than this.
Uh, Hey, I’m still lucky our world’s bout to come to all of this.
It made temptation buy the women all my life.
If love was me, you’d never stay in all the closest ranges.
You’d never find a love that closest all the time.

Distance, Distance, Distance, Distance
It’s why I leave before I make myself say goodbye again
Goodbye Goodbye again

Distance makes a copy of my face she will imbed inside her dreams.
Blood on all these clothes is from the _________ surgeries.
Distance makes a man believe that loyalty is a thankless chore.
Loyalty’s the reason I leave semen on my hotel floor, yeah.

Distance, Distance, Distance, yes
It’s what it is, it’s what it is, now, now, now, now

do do do do dah

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