Lirik Lagu "Chris Brown" 2 Young 2 Give A Fuck feat. Bow Wow

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Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu yang berjudul 2 Young 2 Give A Fuck feat. Bow Wow dari Chris Brown.

Yeah flow stupid
This is how I do it
Maybach flow nigga you are in the Buick
Your girl a doodoo momma
So you know I don’t give 2 shits
Ain’t no grey area
I just breed them blue pits

Niggas talk tough but they don’t want it though
Confront it to your face and then I’ll tell your man that he a hoe
Bow Wizzle I’m as real as it get
I’m either getting money or boning a chick

Counting all this money
All these bottles we popping
In a club with the models
Got so many options
Nigga talk your shit
Yeah they hate me they watching
They know my flow ill
I be spitting and hulking, biatch
At 15 the Bentley was just a kid’s dream
Now these couple links got me speaking like I’m European
A hundred thousand packed at the show in Manila
Then I’m down in Africa where the kids are the killers
Got a mind of a king but a heart of a gorilla
You can imitate but ain’t nobody realer

Yeah I’m counting all this money
Milli for the Bugatti
And my girl ass thick like Buffy the body
And which one I’ma choose
I think her with the booze
I keep paper like the kid in elementary school
You know I’m smoking on the finest
G5 to the islands
I’m too fly yeah it’s like I’m on autopilot
Man stop it I’m way outta your league
See it’ll take a lifetime to spend all this cheese
I got a new bitch for erryday of the week
Suck a nigga off til I’m fast asleep

You know young riders is with us
Take it back to the hood
Screaming father forgive us
All my killers what’s good
You know my flow is like murder
Go on give me a sentence
Got too many bars you think I’m building a prison
Anything that I sing is a hit, car collision
How you got all that mouth and your heart is missing

Stop playing with me y’all lames to me
Me and Chris got our weight up
Better get your cake up
Like G&C get your weight up
Must step [?]
We the hottest doin’ it
Don’t fuck with an act like you know what’s up

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