Lirik Lagu "Daniel Bedingfield" Right Girl

sedang mencari lirik lagu “Right Girl” dari Daniel Bedingfield ? Kamu datang ke tempat yang tepat.
Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu yang berjudul Right Girl dari Daniel Bedingfield.

I’m gonna do this right girl

And then I’ll hold you tight girl

Till then, I gonna wait, anticipate that day

I’m waiting for the right time, when you’ll be mine

You say that you love me, I’m still gonna say

Girl you are the reason I wait

And when comes the season I know

I’m gonna give you the best girl

You tug at the strings of my heart

Sometimes I could break them apart

But if we wait till later, it’ll be better

I’m gonna honour your body any way I can now baby

‘Cause you belong to somebody and that someone is G.O.D

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