Lirik Lagu "Girls' Generation" Cheap Creeper

sedang mencari lirik lagu “Cheap Creeper” dari Girls’ Generation ? Kamu datang ke tempat yang tepat.
Berikut ini adalah lirik lagu yang berjudul Cheap Creeper dari Girls’ Generation.

[Jessica] Oh, whoa
You’re just a…

[Tiffany] You only wear cologne that comes in the sample size
You rock such Rollex but I know you bought it
From some guy on this street
Who also sells fake IDs Can’t trick me
I’ve seen it all before, you see

[Seohyun] You’re driving around, got your rounded rims
You got the hook-up from your girl
Who’s regional manager on weekdays
She gave it to you for one night for free
Don’t you wish you drove it in real life

[Sooyoung] You want to make Trump kind of money
But you’re really just a 26 year old chump living with your mommy

[All] You, you see what you want to see, but all I see is that
You’re just a cheap creeper
Freaky eyes, how to hide the truth I see is that
You’re just a cheap creeper

[Sunny]Cheap, cheap, cheap creeper
Cheap, cheap, cheap creeper
Cheap, cheap, cheap creeper

[Jessica] I see you sitting in the corner trying to act tough
Behind your dark sunglasses watching everyone move
I’m making, can almost feel your hands on me
So sit back, the way you try to creep creep

[Yoona] You acting like a Justin Timberlake
But you’re just a fakeout living with your mommy

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